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General Enquiries
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22 Jan

What is supported living?

What is supported living?

Supported living gives people with complex needs including autism, learning disabilities and mental health conditions the opportunity to have more control over how they live their lives.

They are able to make decisions about the care that they receive, who they live with (if anyone) and where they are located. Within this blog, our supported living service line director Angela Dyson explains how a person can get access to supported living services and how Priory Adult Care can support someone throughout the process.

How to get supported living with Priory Adult Care

At Priory Adult Care, our supported living service provides people with the opportunity to be as independent as possible and meet their aspirations to live fulfilled lives. Our aim is to make sure that people are always supported in the best possible way and have the opportunity to enhance their skills so that they can live independently.

At the start of the journey, we carry out an assessment to determine the level of support that will be needed. At this moment, we take the time to clearly understand a person’s wants and needs. Everyone, including the individual and their family, then work together to develop a person-centred plan.

We then look to source the most suitable place to live. Our teams work with many reputable landlords and the accommodation that is available ranges from self-contained flats to shared housing, in which everyone has their own tenancy agreement. 

Staffing is then organised - this can range from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day depending on an individual’s requirements.

What support is available in supported living?

At Priory Adult Care, we understand that having the right level of care is just as important as finding the right property. The services that we can provide are flexible and take the level of care needed for the person into consideration. The support that is available includes the following:

  • Support with aspects of everyday life including personal care, healthy eating, medication, maintaining the home, paying bills, shopping, budgeting and maintaining tenancies
  • Support to access benefits including direct payments and personal budgets
  • Community outreach services, supporting with becoming more confident, participating in community related activities and maintaining family contacts
  • Improvement in quality of life irrespective of illness or disability
  • 24-hour support available if needed, providing choice, participation and inclusion
  • Support to access education, and voluntary and paid employment opportunities
  • Support to develop self-confidence and self-esteem by way of mentoring and coaching by qualified keyworkers
  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with prescribed interventions (where applicable)

How to access the supported living services at Priory Adult Care

The supported living services available at Priory Adult Care can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • The individual’s Social Services Department management team or, if relevant, their local health authority
  • By the individual (or an appropriate adult acting on their behalf) who wishes to use direct payment or individual budget, or who is self-financing

Get in touch

For more information on the supported living services we can offer at Priory Adult Care, please contact us on 0808 301 2008 or click here to complete an enquiry form.