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A Bromyard Road resident has successfully taken on a role with a learning disability charity

Donna is a resident at Bromyard Road, one of Priory’s residential homes in Worcester. The service supports women who are autistic or have a learning disability, as well as those with a personality disorder. The team at the home encourage residents to explore opportunities which are meaningful to them, including paid employment.

Recently, Donna expressed her wish to find a job, which would help her become more involved in the community. Soon after, she came across a learning disability advocacy group called SpeakEasy NOW, at a local social event. After chatting with representatives from the organisation, she took on the role of a health checker with them. Donna has a learning disability herself, and has experienced using similar services in the past.

Health checkers at SpeakEasy NOW are tasked with assessing primary and secondary health services. Donna is responsible for auditing how equitable these services are for people who have a learning disability. Her first project involved evaluating a recent report about accessing primary healthcare services as a person with a learning disability. She enjoyed taking part in this initiative, and is finding her new job to be very rewarding.

In the coming weeks, Donna will be attending the People’s Parliament with SpeakEasy NOW. Here, she will speak with officials and discuss equitable access to these services. Her lived experience means she understands how important this issue is for people like her. This opportunity will enable her to voice her unique insights, and contribute to a cause which is close to her heart.

“I cannot think of anyone better suited to this role,” said Nicola Griffiths, Deputy Manager at Bromyard Road. “Donna has already thought of other areas that currently do not provide accessible information, such as domestic violence and abuse organisations.”

“At Bromyard Road, we have always been keen supporters and users of advocacy services. We want to empower the women who live here to have their voices and opinions heard, especially in professional arenas.”

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