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General Enquiries
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21 Mar

Preparing young people with complex needs for adulthood

When it is time for a young person in specialist education to move on from their school or college, it is important that the correct pathways are in place for their progression into adulthood.

At Priory Adult Care, our team are highly experienced in working with education leavers, their parents or carers, the Local Authority, and school or college staff to assess and agree on how to best support a young person as they enter this next stage of their life. As part of that journey, we help people to select and settle into appropriate specialist residential or supported living accommodation, delivering the care and support that they need as they move into their adult years, which focuses on developments of their daily living skills.

Supporting a person as they move from children’s services into adulthood

As a person moves from an education setting into an adult care residential accommodation or a supported living service, our team will have open, regular conversations with their specialist education provider throughout the entire process. Through working together in partnership, we can make sure the move is smooth and as gradual as needed dependent on the person’s needs.

The continual dialogue that takes place between all parties also allows us to have a clear understanding of a person’s past and present needs as well as their capabilities, while giving us insight into their hopes for the future, we would then work together to develop a personalised support plan and ensure they achieve positive outcomes. We are also able to offer care pathways so that we can work towards a person enjoying full independent living within the wider community in the future.

Helping to develop independence in adulthood

The ongoing communication with everyone involved allows us to build trust, which can help a young person to settle in quickly.

It allows us to work with the person to set goals and outcomes that will help them to live an independent and enjoyable life. When moving into Adult Care, a selection of the goals will always be focused on increasing a person’s independent living skills and participation in the community, including employment opportunities. We will also to work to maintain and develop any social groups, leisure activities and hobbies that they have, as well as providing access to peer support groups.

To promote independence and self-management in adulthood, we will also work with the individual to plan ways in which they can manage their own needs, providing them with access to any tools they require to achieve this.

What to expect when moving within Priory Group

We have a number of initiatives to help to ensure a smooth transition, which include:

  • Regular opportunities for young people to share their views
  • Visits to the student’s home
  • Visits to the student’s current school
  • Peer mentors
  • Allocated keyworkers

Each journey is always tailored to the individual and we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive system of support. This can include:

  • 1:1 support to help young adults build relationships in their new setting
  • Accompanied familiarisation visits to onward placements
  • Accompanied taster days in employment
  • Follow up reviews to ensure that the transition is progressing well
  • Formal transition reviews
  • Support with finding employment

Information on Priory Adult Care’s services

Further details on the services that we can offer include:

  • A range of specialist residential accommodation including individualised flats, each with their own ADL kitchens
  • Supported living services are available across the UK
  • Safe and homely environments
  • Spacious communal areas and well-maintained gardens that are safe and private
  • Staff teams with significant expertise in supporting people with complex needs, including dedicated positive behaviour support (PBS) specialists
  • A range of daily activities, with an emphasis on developing life and community skills
  • Access to education and supported employment opportunities
  • Locations across the UK, with access to the wider community and close to amenities.
  • A selection of our services are also situated in rural settings

Contact Priory Adult Care for further information

If you would like to find out more about how Priory Adult Care can provide young people with the support that they need for adulthood, please make an enquiry online. You can also call us on 0808 208 2147 to speak to someone directly.