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General Enquiries
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Strathmore Housewhich supports people with learning disabilities, has been praised by care inspectors for being ‘good’ across the board.

The Care Quality Commission said the service in Queen’s Park Avenue, Dresden, had a “positive and inclusive atmosphere”. In its latest report, the CQC said: “Without exception people told us that the staff helped to keep them safe.

“People told us that staff were always available to provide them with care and support.” Inspectors added: “People told us, and we saw, that staff were kind and compassionate. One individual said, ‘The staff are very kind to me. When I was in hospital the staff kept coming to see me. They gave me clothes, cards, bottles of pop and loads of sweets and biscuits. They brought some of the other residents to see me too’.

“Another person said, ‘The staff are all caring here, they help me with lots of things.’”

Inspectors said that residents told them how staff had helped them to maintain their relationships with their families and friends by arranging visits. One individual was helped to participate in all the things they liked to do – from athletics, to keep fit and the theatre group. Residents also told the CQC how staff respected them as individuals and equals, and ate their meals with them which, the CQC, said, “promoted a relaxed and inclusive environment”.

One resident said, ‘They talk to us like friends.’  Another said, ‘The staff are top class.’ 

Staff said they enjoyed working at Strathmore House because they liked being able to promote and maintain people’s independence. The CQC said the home was good across all five categories for being ‘safe’, ‘caring’, ‘responsive’, ‘well-led’ and ‘effective’.

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