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Introducing Jamie Warrender, Assessment and Transitions Director

Reflecting back on my first five months in post as one of Priory’s Assessment and Transitions Directors (ATDs), I can start to appreciate and fully understand the purpose and value of my role at Priory.

This unique position emphasises the values of the organisation and our commitment to the Autism and Learning Disability Programme and the Building the Right Support national plan.

We recognise that the hospital model and clinical approach, in many cases, is not the right approach to supporting individuals with autism and learning disability. In addition, it is the case nationally that there are many people with an autism or learning disability diagnosis who are spending longer in hospital settings than is medically necessary.

Here at Priory, we support the government’s aim to reduce the number of people with a learning disability or autism diagnosis being treated in mental health hospitals. Where admissions may be in the person’s best interest, it is absolutely essential that a pathway plan is in place, and the person is treated in hospital for the shortest possible time. Developing unique care pathways for our service users is a key aspect of my role as an ATD at Priory.

As part of my role, I work closely with my colleagues at Priory hospitals to identify patients that are ready for discharge. We seek to identify the best next step for the individuals we support, and look for suitable placements within our national network of services, which have been designed to provide the right environment for those stepping down from hospital. These can include Bespoke Therapeutic Placements (BTPs), our residential care homes and supported living services.

The process of mapping out pathways for our service users involves developing bespoke transitions and diligently focusing on environmental specifications, training, support planning and personalisation of our services, to ensure we meet the needs of the individual at every stage.

Getting the process right for the person we are supporting, is something I am immensely passionate about. Being thorough and highly focused on the personalisation aspect is key in ensuring successful transitions and sustainable placements. The process is extremely rewarding, and I feel privileged and proud to be an important part of getting it right for the people we support.

Another vitally important function of us ATDs is providing both practical- and theoretical-based bespoke support, training, guidance and interventions to our colleagues at our sites. This is particularly important when it comes to services experiencing placement concerns, crisis and potential risk of discharge for individuals, and especially those with complex autism.

This can be an extremely difficult time for the individual involved and for the teams supporting that person. In such cases, providing support to the leadership function and staffing teams is imperative to prevent placements from breaking down. A key aspect of this ATD support involves reviewing and monitoring data from Datix, CQC notifications, serious incident reports, and working collaboratively and supportively with operational teams, professionals and other stakeholders.

Over my time in this role, I have had the pleasure of meeting a range of colleagues across Priory who are passionate and dedicated to the people in our care. We all strive to work holistically to ensure our pathways are a seamless process, with the people we support at the centre of every decision.

I look to the future with purpose and determination as we strive as an organisation to make an impactful, measurable difference to the people we support, and successfully transition those who are ready into community settings. 

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by Jamie Warrender, Assessment and Transitions Director, Priory