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General Enquiries
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It allows us to ask people for their opinions, listen to their responses and act accordingly. 'Your Voice' works essentially through a series of meetings which make sure the information gets to every level of Priory Adult Care. Monthly meetings are held within each of the services in which people have the opportunity to voice their thoughts and views.

Priory Adult Care is committed to supporting the people we care for in a person centred way. The use of the 'Your Voice' in gaining views of the people we support is effective and we have developed new approaches to ensure everyone's voice is heard and is key to individual involvement. Members of the Quality Development Team will lead and work alongside people who use our services to ensure that they have an active voice in their home, regionally and with the Board nationally. This will include an elected members council who will be chosen from services to meet Regionally and elected members who will meet nationally. There will be an advisory council developed that will provide advice and guidance for the service lines. Both Groups will meet to voice improvements to the Senior Management Team twice a year.

We will engage with the people we support to identify ways to consult in a meaningful way, developing a range of resources to support the process, training staff in the agreed system, developing a structure involving senior managers and policy writers so that the people we support have their views heard and acted upon.

Developing advocacy is the key to enabling and empowering the people we support. Over the last 20 years advocacy systems and processes have been developing. Some people we support have already developed good self advocacy skills and are able to speak up for themselves well, while others are accessing community groups to develop their peer and citizen advocacy roles. The further development of the 'Your Voice' process will initially support the development of advocacy skills along with a business wide approach to gaining views from the people we support.

For more information on the specialist services Priory Adult Care can offer, please call the enquiries and referrals team on 0808 208 2147 or click here to make an enquiry.