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General Enquiries
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There are approximately 820,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Worldwide, this figure currently sits at around 60 million. In the UK by 2025, the number of people living with dementia is predicted to double and by 2035 worldwide, the number is projected to top 100 million.

Dementia Awareness Week is a great opportunity for all services to raise the profile of dementia across the UK. Priory Adult Care (formerly Amore Care) has joined up with other organisations at various events and projects to help support those with dementia, but specifically staff within the care homes have been working directly with residents and their families to raise awareness.

It is important to note that dementia does not just impact upon the elderly, in fact the condition is likely to affect a range of the people that the Priory Group supports. For example, people with down syndrome and learning disabilities are at a high risk of early onset dementia.

Additionally, those who were historically being cared for in hospital because of their mental health diagnosis may now be ageing and showing signs of cognitive impairment or will have dementia.

The past year has seen significant improvement in the way Priory Adult Care provides care and support with the introduction of the ‘Creative Minds’ programme,  an innovative five session programme that has the ethos of supporting people with dementia to live their lives to the fullest capacity. The programme is available for all Amore Care home staff and offers participants a variety of ways to learn; this is now well embedded and is accredited by the University of Brighton.

During Dementia Awareness Week, Priory Adult Care (formerly Amore Care) is holding a competition that will see all care homes developing a range of creative events and projects. The planning is already underway and registration for the competition opened Sunday 18th May. Care homes will provide a narrative of how the home spent Dementia Awareness Week, and will be judged by Adrian Pancott, CEO at Amore Care and Caroline Deny, Chief Operating Officer at Amore Care.

For more information on the specialist services Priory Adult Care can offer, please call the enquiries and referrals team on 0808 208 2147 or click here to make an enquiry.