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A new resident overcame her anxieties on a day out in Margate

Located in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, Windsor House is part of Priory’s network of residential services, which provides support for individuals who have a learning disability and other needs.

To help residents integrate into the local community, Windsor House organises various activities, including outings to local events. A favoured event among the residents is the Margate Carnival, a festival held in the neighbouring seaside town.

New resident Leigh recently moved to Windsor House on an emergency respite placement, following her mother's hospitalisation. This transition was challenging for Leigh, who had never lived in a social care setting before. While Leigh had previously shown a desire to embark on community outings, she was initially hesitant to take part. But understanding her apprehensions, her support team, along with her dedicated key worker, worked to ensure Leigh would be comfortable to attend the carnival.

This outing marked a significant accomplishment for Leigh. She had to navigate the challenges of stepping out into an unfamiliar community without her family, and adjusting to a new town. However, with the support of the Windsor House team, Leigh thoroughly enjoyed the carnival. She had a great time watching the floats, chatting with fellow residents, and even interacting with members of the public.

“We worked with Leigh to build trust, and to find something that would interest her. She hasn’t stopped speaking about the trip since!” said Cameron Packman, who is the deputy manager at Windsor House.

This activity has really helped Leigh settle into Windsor House, allowing her to explore the local area, and boost her confidence. Reflecting on her experiences, Leigh said: “I enjoyed going to the carnival. It is a little bit scary because it’s new, but the staff made me feel very safe and able to enjoy myself with my housemates.”

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