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Worcester residential service wins internal award for person-centred care

Bromyard Road staff team at the Priory Awards 2022The team at Bromyard Road were delighted that the home has been awarded ‘Adult Care Site of the Year’ at the 2022 Priory Awards.

Bromyard Road is a residential service, located in Worcester, which supports women with a personality disorder, autism, and other mental health needs. The home has been praised by staff, residents, and residents' loved ones, for providing high-quality person-centred care.

One of the resident’s family members submitted the following nomination:

“I would like to nominate the team at Bromyard Road for their outstanding support of my sister. They have achieved unprecedented positives in her life experience and behaviour, which no other placement since she was first institutionalised, have managed to attain. It is clear to the family that management at the home immediately identified and prioritised strategies to develop routines and procedures to vastly improve my sister’s physical, social, mental health and general standard of living.

Living far away, I originally was unable to communicate with or regularly see my sister in her previous placements. When I was able to visit, she often refused to open her door, telling me to come back tomorrow even when I explained that I was flying back home then. At Bromyard Road they taught her to use a telephone and take family calls. It has been incredible to be able to keep in constant communication with her. We have also been able to greatly deepen our relationship together after a decades-long gap because of this.

Lastly, and what is most important to my sister, and our family, since her diagnosis of heart failure, which is now advanced, is that she is not moved out of the home - which she loves - unless absolutely necessary. The team recognise this and have done everything within their power to ensure she can stay. The whole team have gone above and beyond their job remit in delivering all possible medical care. Under their love and care she has thrived. What more could anyone ask!”

The site also received the following nomination from a staff member:

“The last few years have been the hardest we have ever known at Bromyard Road. We have, as a staff team, cohesively placed the women here front and centre of our worlds, and created a bubble to keep them safe.

This site is very special; we care about the women who live here and we show this in every interaction we have with them. Our aim is to leave in no doubt that we will always be shoulder to shoulder with them through good times, meh times and times that look a bit darker than anyone would like.

Our host authority, Worcester CCG and pathways for mental health discharge hold this site in high regard. We have worked hard at being honest with professionals about what we know, can do, or will try, and this is looked on very favourably by those who refer to mental health services.

The women here have complex dual diagnoses and we know them very well so can observe when things are looking difficult for them and we at accordingly; the women here trust us and have disclosed some of their darkest moments.”

Deputy Manager, Nicola Griffiths said,

“The team truly deserved Adult Care Specialist Services Site of the Year at the Priory Awards. They display everything Priory wants to see: caring, kindness, compassion for others, acting with integrity and warm and generosity.”

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