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Make a Referral 0808 208 2147
General Enquiries 0808 208 3643
General Enquiries
Make a Referral 0808 208 2147 General 0808 208 3643

Living at Wolverton Court

Wolverton Court is a large, detached and well maintained property which features a self-contained flat. The service caters for up to six people who are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms to suit personal preferences.

The site provides comfortable living areas, dining space, a large accessible kitchen and an extensive garden. The outdoor space is popular during the summer months as we frequently hold barbecues and events.

Developing independence skills

At Wolverton Court, our aim is to deliver an increasing sense of self-management and empowerment that will lead to more independent living, with the minimum support required. The people we support are encouraged to take control of their lives and work towards independence, confidence and personal aspirations.

There are local shops and other facilities within walking distance. We are also close to major tourist attractions as well as the beach and encourage and support people to access these to complement and enhance other activities in their lives.