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General Enquiries
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Glenda's story

Glenda* stepped down to Weir End House from a secure hospital environment. She has a learning disability, as well as a diagnosis of schizophrenia and type 2 diabetes. Glenda was able to move to our service due to changes in her medication which resulted in more stability with her mental health.

Glenda has achieved many things since her move to Weir End House and enjoys a number of activities. She is able to access the local and wider community and amenities on a daily basis and when out, with staff support, she is able to enjoy shopping trips. Staff have worked with Glenda so that she is able to have a good understanding of money.

Glenda enjoys many day trips out, including to the seaside and local points of interest, and is able to do this with one-to-one staff support or in small or large groups of her fellow residents. Glenda enjoys being in groups and is caring towards others. She encourages all of the other residents to join in with activities whether this is day trips or playing bingo in the evening at home.

One of Glenda’s passions is travelling and she often talks about going abroad to different countries. With support, Glenda has planned and booked a number of holidays including trips to Italy and Spain. During these holidays she immersed herself into local culture, enjoying restaurants, shops and sight-seeing trips.

Glenda manages her diabetes through her diet, she is very mindful of this even when helping prepare meals in the kitchen. She enjoys cooking a variety of meals, including curries which everyone comments positively on. Glenda also likes to help with household tasks and enjoys being supported to do her laundry and helping out with dusting and cleaning around the house.

Moving to Weir End House has enabled Glenda to flourish and live a fulfilling life filled with the things she chooses to do and achieve. Since stepping down from hospital, it is clear that Glenda’s quality of life has hugely improved. Her staff team say that every day she only continues growing her skills and expanding her horizons.

*Name changed to protect resident's identity.