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General Enquiries
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Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding

Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding

Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding supports adults with complex mental health needs and individuals who present with low-level behaviours that may challenge to live the life that they choose for themselves. Our specialist support enables people to live happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes within their communities.

We work in a person-centred way, which means that our support and care is completely bespoke, and perfectly matched to the unique needs, preferences and aspirations of each individual. Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team support each person in their own homes to develop independence and reach their full potential, all within in a safe and therapeutic environment. Our support packages are identified around the support an individual needs, whilst our focus is on enabling people to achieve their goals and to become more independent, providing the opportunities they deserve.

With a range of specialist residential placements also in the area, we can offer unique care pathways for individuals, providing step-up and step-down services. We are also working in partnership with Priory Hospital Market Weighton, to provide a rehabilitation and recovery care pathway for the people they support with severe and enduring complex mental health needs.

Our supported living services 

Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding provides support up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including 1:1 support. We provide help across a range of areas to enable individuals to lead more enriching and fulfilling lives. This includes:

  • Specialist support for people with mental health needs and individuals who present with behaviours that may challenge, to live the life that they choose
  • Support with aspects of everyday life, such as personal care, healthy eating, medication, maintaining the home, paying bills, shopping, budgeting and maintaining tenancies
  • Unique care pathways, providing step-up and step-down services
  • Support to access benefits including direct payments and personal budgets
  • Community outreach services; support with becoming more confident, participating in community related activities and maintaining family contacts
  • Improvement in quality of life irrespective of illness or disability
  • 24 hour support available if needed providing choice, participation and inclusion
  • Support to access education, voluntary and paid employment opportunities

Flexible, person-centred support

We are focused on supporting people to be as independent as possible, both within their own home and in their local community. We support individuals with complex mental health needs and low-level challenging behaviours.

We work in partnership with people to ensure they have control over the way their support is provided. We are flexible and person centred in our approach, believing that no two people will have the same support needs, goals or aspirations and knowing therefore that everyone's support will be different. Our focus is on enabling people to achieve their goals and to become more independent.

Amongst the support available at Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding are:

  • Finances and economic wellbeing, including budgeting and debt management
  • Maintaining accommodation
  • Employment, volunteering, education and training
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Leisure, cultural and faith activities
  • Developing self-confidence and community involvement
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Physical health, including exercise and healthy eating
  • Domestic and living skills, including cooking, shopping and public transport
  • Moving to independent accommodation

A range of accommodation options available

Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding has established partnerships with housing providers in the area and we are proud of the quality and range of our accommodation schemes. We offer self-contained apartments and bungalows, shared living and completely bespoke solutions, with accommodation adapted to meet individual needs.

Our tenants’ homes are comfortable and modern, with some of these having assistive technology services incorporated into the buildings to maximise independence for residents. Services are located within communities, so our residents have easy access to amenities and transport links.

By understanding each person’s needs and aspirations, we can agree together the type of accommodation and locations that might work best for them. We can provide help with tenancy agreements where needed, giving people the security of their own homes. If an individual wishes to live with others, we match them with people who have shared interests and lifestyles.

Achieving positive outcomes

Our supported living services give people greater choice and control over how they live their lives, empowering them to achieve the best possible outcomes. By providing individually tailored support that is regularly reviewed and monitored, we encourage each person to reach their true potential. Our residents become more independent, find employment and fully integrate into their communities.

To gain an insight into our services, the way we work and the outcomes you can expect, please take a look at some of our recent success stories:

Robert‘s story

Robert* has bipolar disorder and had a long-standing gambling addiction when he moved into one of Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding’s supported living flats. He would not always take his medication and when this happened, Robert could present with behaviours that may challenge, he became dangerous to himself and would sometimes abscond.

At Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding, the team place a strong emphasis on listening to and supporting each resident to achieve their goals, realise their dreams and lead a more fulfilling life. Robert’s gambling addiction had reached a point where he was unable to manage his finances. It was significantly affecting his wellbeing and he was unable to live his life as he wanted to.

Providing person-centred support and Achieving positive outcomes

The specialist team at Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding prioritised working with Robert to create a person-centred care plan to manage his money. Once Robert no longer had to worry about his finances, his life started to change. He was able to buy food when he needed to and to pay his bills. His confidence and self-esteem improved dramatically.

Achieving positive outcomes

With staff support, Robert has begun to eat a more healthy diet and to exercise regularly, which has benefitted his physical and mental health. His medication has been adjusted at his request and he no longer refuses to take this.

Robert is volunteering at a homeless charity and is also attending church. He has begun a relationship, as well as reconnecting with his family. Robert is now looking forward to his future and has plans to move into the community and continue living a fulfilled life of greater independence.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding

“I really like it here. I go to college and have lots of friends. I feel like I’m becoming more independent.”

Person assisted by Priory Supported Living Hull & East Riding

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