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General Enquiries
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Resident Stories

Sarah’s story

Sarah* is a woman with a learning disability, who transitioned to Ogilvie Court from a specialist children’s service when she had turned 18 and required an adult placement.

Support at Ogilvie Court

Before coming to Ogilvie Court, Sarah lived in a specialist school for children with a learning disability. When Sarah became an adult, her social care team sought out a new placement for her to transition to. It was decided that Ogilvie Court could provide the right environment for Sarah to begin developing her independence.

Sarah was known to present behaviours that may be perceived as challenging. The team at Ogilvie Court developed person-centred care plans, to ensure that Sarah's needs would be met, and she would be able to settle in. With robust risk assessments in place, Ogilvie Court staff used a firm and holistic approach with Sarah, ensuring stringent guidelines were set and all staff responded in a consistent manner. The risk assessments and support plans are reviewed on a monthly basis, and updated as and when Sarah’s needs change. 

As well as daily support from her core staff team, Sarah also received input from multidisciplinary professionals, including speech and language specialists. Early on, it was recognised that she was more responsive to certain words and phrases, which enabled Sarah to understand what was being said, and respond appropriately. Her care team at Ogilvie Court have utilised these insights, as well as firm boundaries, lots of praise, and encouragement, to much success.

Sarah’s outcomes

Sarah has gone from strength to strength since living at Ogilvie Court, and has been supported to achieve wonderful outcomes. With the support plans in place, Sarah's behaviours have reduced dramatically, and she has built strong relationships with her core staff team. After a period of time, the team at Ogilvie Court longer required home assessment and treatment services to support Sarah, as staff became able to continually support Sarah through emotionally difficult times.

Everyone who lives at Ogilvie Court is supported with a personalised activities planner, which includes frequent trips out and about in the local area. Sarah is now able to confidently access the local community, assisted by two members of staff. She engages well with her peers, and often chooses another resident at Ogilvie Court to join her on her day trips.

Sarah has also been supported to regain family connections, and recently went out with her mother and sister, for the first time in two years. The support team at Ogilvie Court are so proud of Sarah for her achievements, and are glad she has settled in so well to her new home.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.