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General Enquiries
Make a Referral 0808 208 2147 General 0808 208 3643

Case studies

Sarah’s story

Sarah* arrived at Ogilvie Court in August 2012 from a specialist children’s services school as she had turned 18 and required an adult placement. Sarah has moderate learning disabilities, with behaviours that challenge which originally made it very dicult for staff to support her in the community.

How we helped

With robust risk assessments in place, Ogilvie Court staff used a firm and holistic approach with Sarah, ensuring stringent guidelines were set and all staff responded in a consistent manner.

Sarah required firm boundaries, lots of praise and encouragement to meet her set goals including being able to confidently access the local community. Staff used simple language and sentences with Sarah, allowing her to process what had been said to her following guidance from the speech and language specialists.

The staff team also felt more confident supporting Sarah with the risk assessments and support plans in place which were reviewed on a monthly basis and updated as and when Sarah’s needs changed.

With the continuous improvement in Sarah’s behaviour, we no longer require the home assessment and treatment services, as staff are able to continually support Sarah through emotionally difficult times.

Sarah’s outcomes

Sarah is now able to confidently access the local community assisted by two members of staff and often chooses another person we support at Ogilvie Court to join her on her day trips. Sarah even went out with her mother and sister recently for the first time in two years.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality