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Make a Referral 0808 208 2147
General Enquiries 0808 208 3643
General Enquiries
Make a Referral 0808 208 2147 General 0808 208 3643
22 Eveswell Park Road

Mount Eveswell

Priory Mount Eveswell is a specialist brain injury care home in Newport, South Wales, which provides leading person-centred neurorehabilitation programmes that are bespoke to the severity and complexity of a person’s particular neurodisability. This includes acquired brain injury (ABI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), strokes and progressive neurological conditions (PNCs) such as motor neurone disease (MND), multiple sclerosis (MS) or Huntington's disease.

Our approach

Our intensive rehabilitation service caters for patients aged 18 years and over by delivering clinically effective, evidence-based care. The unit provides rehabilitation for a range of patients, including those with prolonged disorders of consciousness (low awareness or minimally conscious state) to those who are independent in many activities.

Mount Eveswell offers both low and high-intensity rehabilitation. This allows patients the opportunity to continue to achieve their rehabilitation potential within a community-based setting, which maximises opportunities to enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Mount Eveswell specialises in complex chest and respiratory management as well as tracheostomy management. We also provide assessments and rehabilitation of prolonged disorders of consciousness along with support for the following areas of neurorehabilitation:

  • Postural and spasticity management with on-site use of botulinum toxin therapy
  • Dysphagia management/PEG and PEJ feeding
  • Nutritional assessment and review
  • Use of assistive communication and augmentative technology
  • Sensory regulation and stimulation management programmes
  • Cognitive rehabilitation and functional retraining
  • Management of violence and aggression
  • End-of-life care

The multidisciplinary team will assess patients prior to any admissions. We discharge patients from the unit once they reach the maximum potential of their physical, mental and medical needs. We discharge patients to other step-down units once their mobility, behaviour and cognition have been improved.

The Team

The unit is led by an effective multidisciplinary team, experienced in rehabilitation, recovery and caring for individuals with complex needs. The team includes:

  • Consultant psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational therapists

The team also benefits from a progressive training programme towards achieving NVQ standards. The staff team are all trained to at least NVQ II and III.

Our dedicated staff team are on duty 24 hours a day, providing support with all day-to-day aspects of life – empowering people to live life to their full potential.

Referrals and admissions

  • Males and females aged 18 years and older
  • Individuals may be admitted informally, under the Mental Health Act, under guardianship orders, under conditional discharge, or community treatment orders
  • Individuals who have a primary diagnosis of a learning disability
  • Individuals who may have a previous or current mental illness
  • Individuals who may present with behaviours that challenge

We provide an initial assessment which takes place within two working days of a referral being made.

Referrals are accepted from health boards, clinical commissioning groups, local authority commissioning teams, care co-ordinators and solicitors. An initial assessment will be undertaken by senior members of the multidisciplinary team within two working days. Once a referral has been accepted, funding approval must be in place before admission.

Family involvement
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Referrals and admissions
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