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General Enquiries
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Phillip's story

Phillip, who lives at Lammas Lodge, has a learning disability. When Phillip’s health needs changed, the team at the residential service put a plan into place to support his recovery.

Adapting to Phillip’s changing needs

Phillip has a core staff team at Lammas Lodge who are attuned to his needs and behaviours. When they noticed a change in his health, they immediately contacted the GP for medical advice. After a period of monitoring Phillip’s condition, the GP advised that he would need a referral for a surgery.

The team knew that receiving medical treatment could be a distressing experience for Phillip. They formulated a plan, which would enable him to access the support he needed. This process involved making a best interest decision, with input from Phillip’s family and a range of healthcare professionals. Together, the group agreed that the operation would be in Phillip’s best interest.

In the run-up to the date of the surgery, Phillip’s support team at Lammas Lodge worked closely with the learning disability nurse. They ensured that the most suitable room would be available, and facilitated a pre-operation assessment at the home.

Supporting a successful procedure

Phillip's key workers helped him go to the hospital and stayed with him during his surgery. The operation went smoothly, and the hospital were able to discharge him the same day. His support team facilitated his transition back home to his flat so he could recover. Here, his key workers helped him feel comfortable, administering his pain relief medication and tending to his other needs.

Now, Phillip has successfully recovered from the operation, and is living life as usual. Everyone at Lammas Lodge is so proud of him for how well he coped with the surgery. Lammas Lodge’s home manager, said: “Since the operation Phillip has appeared much more comfortable, settled and at ease. We are all so happy that our hard work and dedication enabled Phillip to receive the medical treatment he needed."