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General Enquiries
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Our case studies

Mark’s story

Mark* moved to Homeleigh Farm six years ago. Prior to moving here, he spent 15 years in prison, secure hospitals and institutions. Mark didn't like spending money on anything and subsequently didn't have many clothes. Mark also didn't maintain his personal hygiene and had never been on holiday.

With gentle prompting and staff guidance at Homeleigh Farm, Mark now has a large wardrobe of clothes, looks after his personal hygiene on a regular basis and recently shaved without being prompted. Mark even goes on holiday twice a year and is eager for his next trip.

Mark’s outlook on life appears to have improved greatly since he was placed at Homeleigh Farm and through the support of the staff team.

Carl’s story

Carl* arrived at Homeleigh Farm after his previous placement closed down. Carl has a diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), which means that he experiences the sensation of being continuously hungry, regardless of how much he has eaten. To minimise Carl putting himself at risk of overeating and damaging his health, cupboard doors and the fridge are locked.

Carl is a fiercely independent person who is determined to do everything in life exactly as he planned it, and on his own terms. He had a vision of living independently in his own flat with minimum support, and so in-line with the Homeleigh Farm’s ethos, we began the process of empowering and enabling him to attain his long term goal.

Before Carl moved to his own property, we held a multi-team ‘best interests’ meeting. It was agreed that Carl’s new kitchen arrangements would stay the same as at Homeleigh Farm, to reduce risks of weight gain.

Staff also worked on improving Carl’s attention to personal hygiene as he was quite capable of going days without showering, shaving or changing clothes. We believe this to be a behaviour intended to challenge. This was addressed with patience, a great deal of imaginative thinking by staff and also peer pressure. Carl was soon in a place where he looked forward to proudly showing everyone the clothes he had bought and was wearing (appropriately) every day.

Carl learned many additional skills that would keep him in good stead for his new adventure in life. We are delighted that with staff support, Carl has now successfully moved into his own flat in the community.


 *Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.