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Tim's story

Tim - resident at Egerton RoadTim developed an acquired brain injury (ABI) after undergoing surgery to remove an aneurysm. He came to live at Egerton Road under Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), and has since been supported to regain his independence.

Rehabilitation at Egerton Road

After undergoing the first stages of his rehabilitation in an inpatient facility, Tim required a placement that could offer him longer-term support in a community setting. His social care team identified Egerton Road as being a suitable environment for him, and he came to live at the home shortly after. When Tim first arrived, he was struggling with his memory, executive functioning, and emotional regulation. He would often become confused, and experienced difficulties navigating around the home, which was distressing to him.

The multidisciplinary team (MDT) at Egerton Road used psychological and orientation assessments to gain a further understanding of Tim’s needs. This enabled them to develop comprehensive support plans, produced with input from Tim, his social team, and his family. Once these plans were in place, the home’s psychologist and occupational therapist worked with Tim’s keyworkers to develop memory strategies to support with tasks such as diary keeping, calendars, and prompting. In addition, improving his independent living skills was a key focus for Tim, and he was supported with his activities of daily living on a one-to-one basis.

As Tim’s skills improved, he was motivated to increase his independence, asking to be relocated to the home’s self-contained annexe to continue his journey. The team at Egerton Road took proactive steps to support Tim’s wishes, thoroughly planning the transition and putting the right support in place. Other measures were implemented to ensure Tim’s safety as he became more independent, including adding a GPS tracking system onto his phone, and staff shadowing him on outings initially.

Tim’s positive outcomes

Following his transition to the annexe, Tim has demonstrated significant progress in his rehabilitation. He continues to engage in his life skills sessions in his flat, and receives regular input from the home’s MDT. With the support of the team, Tim has gradually expanded his orientation and navigational abilities, and can now leave and return to the home without staff support. He also is able to organise his daily activities independently, including planning visits out to the local area and beyond.

Perhaps one of the most important outcomes for Tim, has been his enhanced ability to control his impulses and regulate his emotions effectively. He has also grown more confident in his abilities, which has enabled him to take on more responsibility, such as cooking more frequently with less staff support. Over time, Tim’s ability to organise, plan his behaviour, and function effectively within a routine has improved significantly. He can now carry out many important tasks independently, including his shopping and laundry.

Tim’s case is a testament to how structured, strategic support can enable individuals to regain their independence and improve their quality of life following severe health crises. The management team at Egerton Road are very proud of Tim’s achievements, and are currently looking into possible next steps for him to continue living life independently.

"Tim has excelled at Egerton Road, following a previous failed placement. Due to the severity of Tim’s brain injury, professionals believed that it would be unlikely for him to achieve the things he has," said Tim's social worker. "I am confident that the love and companionship and the specialised input he has received from the Egerton Road team went a long way to putting him where he is now. He is now ready for the next stage of his journey, and we are currently arranging for him to live independently in his own flat with a care package."