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Jin-sue's story

After developing an acquired brain injury (ABI), Jin-sue spent some time in hospital. She later came to Egerton Road to continue her rehabilitation. Here, she gained the skills she needed to move on to more independent living.

Support at Egerton Road

As a result of her ABI, Jin-sue had difficulty with her memory and processing information. In addition, she found it hard to come to terms with some of her symptoms. She struggled with her fatigue, and this was affecting her mood significantly.

Egerton Road's multidisciplinary team (MDT), which includes a psychologist and occupational therapist, conducted an assessment of Jin-sue. Together, the MDT and developed a plan to support her with her memory and daily planning. Jin-sue also benefited from one-to-one support from dedicated key workers, who worked closely with the MDT to implement strategies to aid Jin-sue in her rehabilitation.

At first, she required a lot of support to complete small tasks, such as menu planning and shopping. Over time, Jin-sue gradually became more independent and confident in her abilities.

Jin-sue’s positive outcomes

In her time at Egerton Road, Jin-sue has overcome many challenges associated with her ABI. Jin-sue is now able to complete her activities of daily living with confidence, for example, she can plan her meals for the week, manage a food budget, and cook for herself.

With the support of her team, Jin-sue began to embrace new opportunities. This has helped her establish a routine she enjoys, doing activities which help regulate her emotions. A keen gardener, Jin-sue found purpose tending to plants at the local allotment.

In addition, she began attending college, successfully attaining a qualification in life skills. She also picked up several voluntary positions, for which she took pride in her responsibilities. In turn, this enabled her to integrate into the local community, whilst helping to improve it.

Having enhanced her daily living skills and wellbeing, Jin-sue was ready for the next step in her rehabilitation. Recently, she transitioned to more independent accommodation in the community. Everyone at Egerton Road is so proud of Jin-sue’s achievements, and hope she continues to thrive in her new environment.