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Alfie's Story

Alfie* is a young man with a diagnosis of autism, a learning disability, and a physical disability. Before his move to Blyton Court, Alfie struggled to engage with the professionals involved in his care, and was unable to use the assistive technology he needed to support his mobility.Alfie, current resident at Blyton Court

Alfie's transition to Blyton Court

After the tenancy at his home with another provider abruptly came to an end, Alfie was assessed by the team at Blyton Court to ensure that they could offer the support he needed, and he moved in shortly after. During the assessment period, Alfie and his mother visited Blyton Court to look around the home, meet the support team, and see whether the home was a good fit for him. During these visits, he very quickly settled, interacting really positively with the nurses, activities coordinator and the rest of the care team.

Given the success of the home visits, it was clear that Blyton Court was the right place for Alfie. When he moved in, he immediately received one-to-one support from a dedicated keyworker and a personalised support plan was created with input from his family and social worker. His bedroom was set out as he wanted it, to ensure his new space felt homely and that his sensory needs were all met.

Achieving positive outcomes

The support team at Alfie’s previous placement had often struggled to get him to engage with specialists, which meant he would often refuse to attend health-related appointments. He also could not tolerate using his specialist standing aid for more than five minutes, which was negatively affecting his mobility. The nursing team at Blyton Court knew this was an area which they would focus on with Alfie, so they could ensure he was healthy and able to be as independent as possible.

The team recognised that sensory stimulation was needed to allow Alfie to feel comfortable in his standing aid, so they had the device modified to include a stand for his tablet. Now he is content to use his aid daily, and for up to an hour and a half at a time. Since this change has been made, his mobility has improved greatly. He is now able to use stairs without relying on the handrail, and can even carry light objects while walking, which he was previously unable to do.

Alfie’s support team at Blyton Court have also worked with him to feel comfortable accessing the support of other healthcare professionals. With the help of his keyworker, he now attends dental and other health-related appointments, and is also comfortable having his hair cut by the local hairdresser.

Recreational activities are at the heart of Alfie’s care plans, with the home’s dedicated activities coordinator working closely with him to plan activities which he enjoys. He particularly loves to sit in the service’s new sensory room, and will often spend time enjoying the space and using his tablet. He is also supported to go on days out, making use of Blyton Court’s mobility-adapted minibus to enjoy trips with everyone else from the home. He has even taken up new activities recently and begun participating in the home’s baking sessions which he enjoys, and the team are working on introducing other new tasks for him to get involved in.

Supporting Alfie's family

Alfie’s family were involved every step of the way, from the assessment to the move-in, and on an ongoing basis. We caught up with his mother, to find out how she felt when visiting her son’s new home for the first time.

“When I went to the initial visit to Blyton Court, as soon as I entered the building, the sense of family is the first thing I noticed; everyone was so happy and welcoming - both staff and residents. No questions I asked were too much for the staff and thorough answers were given, filling me with complete reassurance.”

Even after the initial visits, the team at Blyton Court are still in close contact with Alfie’s family. The home manager catches up with his family regularly; updating them on his progress and the activities he has been involved in. His mother noted that she has noticed so many improvements in her son since he arrived.

“Since he has been at Blyton Court, Alfie has been nothing but happy. They provide him with everything he needs to thrive, succeed and be happy and I couldn't be more grateful. Blyton Court have provided my son with a second family and are fast becoming my second family too. The communication between us is fantastic, it is easy and effortless.”

The support team at Alfie’s new home are keen to ensure residents maintain strong relationships with their families and that they feel comfortable and supported, too. These values are clearly appreciated by the families of residents at Blyton Court.

“Moving your child into a placement and away from your home where they have always been is scary, let alone moving them from one placement where they were settled to another,” Alfie’s mother told us. “However, Blyton Court have been nothing short of amazing. As well as caring for my son so impeccably, the support they have given me and my other son has gone above and beyond too. I know my son will continue to thrive there, he will continue to progress, and he will continue to be happy.”

*Name and image have been changed to maintain confidentiality.