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General Enquiries
Make a Referral 0808 208 2147 General 0808 208 3643
Bannister Farm Cottage

Bannister Farm Cottage

At Bannister Farm Cottage, we provide 24/7 specialist residential support for people who have autism. The service is set out in three different sections, comprising of the main house where 3 people share and 2 individual units for specialist support.

The people that we support have high communication needs, so to help promote their independence and community participation, we provide them with the skills and tools to communicate their needs and wants to others in a way that is deemed socially acceptable which, in turn, reduces the number of behaviours that challenge.

We promote the use of independent living skills and education so people we support can make informed choices about the life they want to live. Everyone living at Bannister Farm Cottage has an individualised support package that suits their own specific needs. Everyone has their individual routines and structures which are known to them and help devise time lines to reduce anxiety.

Our approach to support

Our team of highly skilled professionals have a vast knowledge and experience of working with people who have autism. Each member of staff receives regular training in specific areas, including the triad of impairments, so they have the ability and understanding of the people they support and how they see things around them - this in turn will provide the team with the skills to help support people in a more person-centred way.

We work closely with a number of external professionals on a daily basis to ensure that there are no gaps in the each person’s history. We also have a number of internal professionals that work in-house on a weekly basis, for example: speech and language therapists; lifelong learning and education coordinator; occupational therapist and positive behavioural support practitioner. Having these professionals to hand enables us to react quickly to any situation to ensure limited disruption to people’s lives. Having the internal professionals in-house enables us to deliver person-centred training for each individual which in turn will strengthen the staff team.

All staff members have a full induction of the service and a week of being supernumerary to enable them to learn everyone’s support needs and aspirations. They will then be assigned a mentor to work closely with, which is ongoing until their induction and training is complete.


Everyone living at Bannister Farm Cottage is assigned a key worker who helps support the person to have their say and make sure that their comments and opinions are listened to. Key workers encourage and support individuals to reach their personal goals, dreams and aspirations.

People are also encouraged to raise issues and to discuss ideas at their weekly keyworker meetings which will then be brought forward to the monthly ‘Your Voice’ meetings. At these meetings, individuals can influence how Bannister Farm Cottage operates on a day-to-day basis. Topics of discussion can include activity planning, menus and refurbishment plans. Individuals who do not wish to take part in these meetings are represented in different ways, to ensure that everybody’s voice is heard.

We follow a positive behaviour support model to help people express their feelings and concerns in a way that is meaningful to them.

Bannister Farm Cottage

“I like the staff here and they help me to do nice things. I go out every morning with staff to buy my paper.”

Person supported by Bannister Farm Cottage

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