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General Enquiries
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Covid-19 information

Last updated: 25th February 2021

Following the introduction of the restrictions across all four parts of the UK, we have reviewed all national guidance, statements and requirements related to Covid-19 and are consistently implementing them as required across our full range of services, as we have done throughout the pandemic.

We have adjusted our visiting and leave arrangements alongside the new national guidance for the particular types of service. If you believe the service supporting your loved one may be affected by these revised national arrangements, please contact the site directly.

Equally, if you have any suggestions or comments on how we are providing our services during these times, please do not hesitate to contact: coronavirusqueries@priorygroup.com. coronavirusqueries@priorygroup.com.

Message from our Group Director of Nursing & Executive Lead for Infection, Prevention and Control

We continue to ensure that all services across our four divisions and central support teams are meeting the requirements to keep everyone as safe as possible in these difficult times. Our pandemic plan remains fully operational, along with a specific focus on the management of flu and other seasonal-related conditions.

We are delighted that such great progress is being made regarding the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, and we will continue to work to the national standards and guidance to take this forward in the coming weeks and are planning accordingly.

Given the national guidance across all four constituent parts of the UK, our operational divisions have plans in place taking into account the implications on visiting and leave arrangements. If you have any particular questions about the visiting arrangements for your loved ones please contact the relevant service directly.

Operational leadership arrangements are in place across all services 24/7 and colleagues continue to have access to a dedicated helpline regarding Covid-19 for any queries or requests for support. We are working to the latest national infection prevention and control guidance, alongside restrictions to manage local outbreaks as determined by the Government and local authorities. We continue to work to the standards and requirements relating to Covid-19 through our pandemic management arrangements, including our monitoring and provision of the appropriate PPE. All of our residents have access to testing as do our staff.

Our teams are in regular contact with key commissioners and are following national guidance related to the provision of information, including nationally-required reporting. On this basis, I regret that we continue to be unable to respond to requests for business continuity plans or general preparedness information. Instead, we are directing external stakeholders to the information contained on this webpage, which we continue to update on a regular basis. However, if your query relates to a specific individual placed at one of our services, please contact that site directly using the contact details available on this website and we will do whatever we can to assist.

Jane Stone
Group Director of Nursing & Executive Lead for Infection, Prevention and Control

Message from our Chief Operating Officer

For many of us, last year brought some challenging and unprecedented times. I can only imagine how hard it has been not to see your loved ones as often as you would like. I would like to reassure you that the safety of every resident in our care is my number one priority. I take extremely seriously the trust that you have put in me, my Senior Leadership Team, the Service Managers and nursing/care colleagues at Priory Adult Care.

We are now business as usual in terms of supplies, quality monitoring and infection prevention and control training. We continue to monitor for government guidance daily and enact it immediately.

Our staff are committed to ensuring positive experiences for every person that we support. I am bowled over by the many creative ideas that have been put in place to keep all of our residents upbeat and enjoying their lives at this time. 

Lateral flow testing is now rolled out, except for Northern Ireland, and LFD and PCR testing is mandatory for our staff according to the UK nation. The majority of our staff and residents have now had their Covid-19 vaccination and we will continue until everyone is offered one.

Visiting can be different according to the UK nation and does change frequently according to infection levels. We always keep our visiting policies for our older people and specialist services up-to-date accordingly.

In the meantime, Service Managers are there to answer any of your questions. Please do get in touch with them and don’t worry about asking anything, we want you to be informed.

Rebekah Cresswell
Chief Operating Officer
Priory Adult Care

Visiting information

Visiting is now available across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please contact your Home Manager about specific requirements for that local area

We will of course be facilitating virtual visiting using technology and all visits must be booked in advance. Please contact your home as to how these can be booked. We really want to communicate with you about your loved one at this time, so please discuss with the Home Manager how we can best do this. For bigger homes, it may be a discussion with the Deputy or Key Worker.


We understand that Commissioners and Care Management teams will continue to require accommodation and support for individuals, whose changing placement requirements may need to be responded to swiftly. In particular this may include residents facing home closure or a breakdown in their community placements. We are continuing to accept and review referrals on a case-by-case basis, ensuring strict screening procedures.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below you will find a helpful list of answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have been receiving at Priory Adult Care, regarding Covid-19.

We will be updating the information on a regular basis, therefore do revisit this website page. If you have any questions or specific placement enquiries, please do get in touch. 

  • Do the staff and residents get tested?

    Staff testing is mandatory weekly when on shift, and our residents in older people and specialist services are tested once per month. If we have a positive Covid-19 case in an English home, as per guidance, we move to daily staff and resident testing for 5 days following the last positive test. This means we can act quickly to isolate if a person is Covid-19 positive but showing no symptoms.

  • What happens if a resident presents with symptoms?

    If a resident presents with symptoms, they are isolated immediately and put on a Covid-19 care plan. This outlines their treatment, how we will tend to their daily needs and ensure they feel well-supported, and how staff will maintain social interaction in an appropriate manner. If symptoms are mild to moderate, they will continue to be supported in isolation in their own bedroom or flat. If their condition worsens, their GP or 111 will be contacted for advice and where necessary, the resident will be transported via ambulance to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Family and/or carers, and their Commissioner will be informed immediately and kept updated throughout.

  • Do you have any isolation facilities and/or shielding?

    At all of the Priory Adult Care services, we have created the ability to ensure a safe isolation of our residents, this will be in their bedroom or flat. Teams have set procedures to follow based on national guidance to help ensure that a safe environment is maintained, that infection prevention and control processes are in place and that cleaning, including deep cleaning, are adhered to.

    If someone is identified as needing to be shielded, even though not symptomatic, we are able to provide them with a safe environment, whilst we continue to provide them with the care and support that they need.

  • When will my loved one receive the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Please note, scheduled vaccines are government-led but we are prepared to access them as soon as they are allocated. This will mean there is no delay to your loved one receiving a vaccine.

    The majority of our staff and residents have now had their Covid-19 vaccination and we will continue until everyone is offered one.

  • What is your admissions process for managing new residents?

    Where a decision has been made to admit a resident, please be assured that a thorough pre-admission checklist, which will include robust risk assessment, has been completed. This screening and assessment will take into consideration all relevant factors, such as the location the person is coming from, their current health, potential exposure to Covid-19 and the current status of the Priory service into which they will be moving. All residents will also have a Covid-19 test prior to admission and self-isolate for the first 10 days.  If the person has also not had a Covid-19 vaccine previously, we will make sure they are offered one.

    All risk assessments will be signed off by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, who are taking every possible step to ensure the continued safety of all residents and staff.

  • What is your process for managing discharges?

    Discharges are being carefully managed and are only going ahead if it is to the resident’s home, or it is the safest option for them to move to a different kind of setting during this time. For example, if someone becomes mentally unwell and needs a specific kind of treatment.

    It is important to us that Priory Adult Care is able to continue to support you and all of the residents during this time. We commit to do all that we can to ensure risks are managed and monitored, whilst continuing to facilitate placements, where all parties deem it safe.