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General Enquiries
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Fees and funding

Every Priory Adult Care service provides high quality care and support to people with varying levels of need.

Our fees vary across our specialist residential, nursing and community-based services, and are based on an assessment of the individual's care needs. Some people may be eligible for financial help towards the cost of care; this is determined on an individual basis. Our Home Managers and central enquiries team will be able to discuss these matters further with you.

A range of funding options 

There are several different ways in which a Priory Adult Care service can be funded. These include:

Local Authority funding

This is where the Local Authority (typically the local Council) agrees an amount to fully fund a person’s support, whether it is in a residential placement or as part of a supported living package.

The funding package is agreed following an assessment of the person’s needs and covers both accommodation and support. 

Joint funding between the Local Authority and NHS

This is where an individual has a Continuing Healthcare (CHC) assessment. In this instance, funding will be split between the Local Authority and the NHS.

The funding package is agreed following joint assessments of the person’s needs and healthcare needs. The Local Authority element of the funding will cover both accommodation and support, and the NHS assessment will cover the continuing healthcare needs.

NHS funding

It is possible that an individual’s health needs are such that the NHS will fully fund a person’s support package.

The funding package is agreed following an assessment of the person’s needs and covers both accommodation and support.

Individual/personal budget

This is where the Local Authority allocates a specific amount of money for a person’s support needs. The amount is determined by an assessment of the person’s needs and means. You will also need to agree a support plan to show how and where the money will be spent, whether you decide for the Local Authority to choose services for you or if you prefer to have direct control of the budget yourself – e.g. a direct payment.

Direct payments

This is where you receive an amount directly from the Local Authority and can choose how to spend the money on your support. Choosing a direct payment gives you maximum flexibility with your support package but does mean you have to manage the money yourself.

Fees are calculated based on the assessed needs of an individual. Each fee will include a staffing element, based on the hours of support assessed and required. In some instances, the staff support may be shared with other individuals, and in this situation the individual would only pay for the share of staff time.

Older people care services

Please find below additional helpful information on fees and funding for our older people care services:

NHS funded nursing care (FNC)

NHS funded nursing care (FNC) is available to nursing residents. A weekly payment is made by the NHS to cover nursing care from a Registered Nurse. FNC is only provided if the resident requires nursing care and if you’re in a home that can provide nursing care.


Some people are required to fund or contribute to their own care, support and accommodation depending on their financial position:

  • This can be done privately with little or no contact with the Local Authority and be fully self-funded
  • This can be arranged through the Local Authority and, after a financial assessment, fully or partly self-funded by the person
  • This can be Local Authority funded, with relatives or the resident paying 'top-up' fees for more expensive accommodation

Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

If CHC funding is withdrawn at any point, the NHS and Local Authority will say that you may have to start paying the care fees.

If you require further guidance, PayingForCare is an impartial and consumer friendly website providing information on all aspects of care funding including Local Authority assessments, care entitlements, costs of care, ways of paying for care and arranging care for someone else. Visitors have instant access to professional, specialist care fees advice through a live chat service - Please click the following link: PayingForCare

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For further information on Priory Adult Care’s fees and the funding options available, please call us today on 0808 208 2147 or click here to complete our short enquiry form.