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General Enquiries
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A positive future thanks to Cherrywood House

Veronica* had lived in a number of residential services but did not receive the support she needed. When she began to experience mental health problems, her parents decided to look for somewhere that could help her build a more positive future. Veronica moved into Priory Adult Care’s Cherrywood House and although she still had many challenging days, she began to make progress.

Staff supported her through a structured personal programme, gaining her trust and helping her to build confidence and self-esteem. Veronica gradually developed her independence, enrolling for a course at college and undertaking voluntary work at a local charity shop. She also helped with interviewing new staff for the service, giving her influence over who she wanted to work with.

Achieving positive outcomes

Today, Veronica lives in her own flat with minimal support from Priory Adult Care. She also has a paid job at a community service where she meets and greets the public. Her progress has been life-changing. She now has the confidence to stand up in front of audiences to present what she has achieved and how she has reached her goals.

Her progress has been reflected by a substantial reduction in her support fees too as her care pathway progressed from living at Priory Adult Care to their supported living accommodation. 

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.